Terms and Conditions

This is an invitation to enter into a contract of training with Giulia Danielis and My Kinda Dog. By proceeding to payment, you agree that your participation will be covered by the following terms and conditions.

In these terms and conditions, unless stated otherwise, the following words have the following meanings:

“Contract” means the agreement subject of this document
“Client/clients” means you, the person whose details are on the invoice and who is going to be using our services
“Company” means My Kinda Dog
“We”, “us”, “our” refer to the Company
“Trainer” refers to the professional leading the training sessions
“Programme” refers to the service outlined in the invoice
“Service/services” means the service(s) we supply as outlined by the invoice
“Sessions” refers to the online training provided by the trainer
“Party/parties” refers to the company and the client

The headings in this contract are for convenience only and they don’t influence its interpretation.

Health and safety.
Clients are responsible for the physical health and the wellbeing of their dogs at all times, and they have to ensure their dogs are fit to take part in training. Should clients have any doubts about their dogs’ health they should contact their veterinary practice without delay. Clients should inform the trainer of any allergies, medical conditions or other factors that might affect their dogs’ welfare and wellbeing and their suitability for training.
The company reserves the right to cancel the contract at any time and with immediate effect should the welfare and/or the wellbeing of the clients’ dog(s) be compromised. Partial refund will apply in this case.

General terms and conditions.
Clients understand, agree and acknowledge that:
– the trainer only guarantees professional training and that the training results are not guaranteed; dogs are all individual and the training outcome will depend on their temperament, personality and specific abilities
– this service is not specifically designed to prepare assistance dogs
– they must follow the trainer’s instructions at all times and that the trainer is not responsible for any damages, accidents or injuries caused by the client’s dog that might occur before, during or after the training sessions. Clients are fully responsible for any damages, accidents or injuries caused by their dogs
– the trainer can’t provide any veterinary, medical or legal advice.
We reserve the right to revise and amend the present Terms and Conditions from time to time. Clients will be notified via email.

Training methods and equipment.
Aversive and coercive methods are not allowed in our sessions and they are against the ethics of this trainer and company. Pieces of equipment including, but not limited to, prong collars, choke chains, half chokes, tightening harnesses, slip collars and flexi (extendable) leads are not allowed in our sessions. The trainer reserves the right to interrupt the session should clients refuse to follow the trainer’s instruction regarding safe use of appropriate training equipment. No refund will be issued in this case.

Financial responsibility and payments.

We have made every effort to accurately represent the programme and its potential. Individual success depends on many factors including motivation, dedication, background and previous knowledge/ideas. By signing below, you confirm that you are not putting yourselves at financial risk by entering into the programme. Invoices are payable upon receipt by bank transfer, and payment in full is needed to confirm your booking. Email confirmation will be sent after booking with further instructions on how to schedule and join the sessions.

Cancellations and refunds.
Under the Consumer Rights Act you can cancel your service within a cancellation period of 14 days starting the day after the day the invoice has been paid. If you wish to cancel please inform us with no delay via email. Should you cancel within the cancellation period, we will provide a full refund within 14 days starting the day after the day you notified us with your intention to cancel. The refund will be made using the same method used for payment.
If you wish for the service to start within the cancellation period, you must make an express request. By requesting for your service to start within the cancellation period you understand, agree and acknowledge that:
– you will be required to pay a reasonable cost for the services and any materials that you have received within the cancellation period until your cancellation
– you lose the right to cancel if the service has been provided in full within the cancellation period.
Subject to your statutory rights of cancellation, if you wish to cancel the service, we reserve the right to retain full payment if notice of cancellation is received less than 7 days prior the beginning of the first session. If notice of cancellation is received more than 7 days prior to the beginning of the first session, we reserve the right to retain a £20 admin fee and the cost for any services and materials you might have already received.
If you need to reschedule a session, you must notify us at least 48 hours in advance. If you notify us with less than 48 hours in advance your session will be lost, however we will take any exceptional circumstances into account and we might offer you to reschedule the session at no extra cost at our discretion.
If you are going to be late for a session you should let us know as soon as possible. We will try to be accommodating but we cannot guarantee we will be able to lead the session for longer than planned.
All the sessions of a 4-week programme must be booked within 6 weeks from the first session. No refunds will be issued if the client decides not to book all the sessions included in the programme sold.
All the sessions of a 8-week programme must be booked within 10 weeks from the first session. No refunds will be issued if the client decides not to book all the sessions included in the programme sold. Although we reserve the right to cancel a session at short notice, we will ensure to give as much notice as possible and we will reschedule the session with no extra charge.
Both parties have the right to terminate their part in the programme should either party become disruptive or difficult to work with. This will require an end of contract signing.

The company respects your privacy in accordance with GDPR and asks that you also respect our privacy. This includes the non-sharing of any handouts or access to online resources with any other persons than yourselves. Online access is solely for use by yourselves and no other parties.

Feedbacks are an opportunity for improvement and are welcomed by our company. We take time to understand the customers unique perspective and open lines of communication for resolving any issues. Please forward any feedback you might have to info@mykindadog.com. Clients agree to refrain from engaging in libel, slander or negative comments concerning the company, in person and/or online, and in any format including, but not limited to, social media, printed publications, radio, blogs, forums.

Use of Likeness.
You agree and accept that My Kinda Dog is authorised to record, photograph, or otherwise capture your likeness, voice, images, interviews, and statements made in connection with your participation in the programme for My Kinda Dog own use, unless you specifically request otherwise. You hereby assign to My Kinda Dog all rights, title, and interest to have and to use, royalty free, any such likeness or portion of your participation in the programme for documentary, informational, training, or any other lawful purpose.
Further training. Should further training be required, bolt on packages and sessions are available. Please discuss with Giulia.
By proceeding to payment, you confirm that you have read, understood, and accepted the Terms and Conditions outlined above.

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