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Welcome to My Personal Development Page

Want to Find Out More About My Commitment to Continuing Professional Development – and How that Benefits You and Your Dog? You’re in the Right Place!

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Dog trainer in Bristol

Qualifications and Training

I am a full member of PACT. This means my skills have been independently assessed and I’m held to a high standard as a trainer.

I’m a full Trainer member of INTODogs and a Certified Animal Trainer with ICAN.

I have a Canine Principles Diploma (with distinction) in Canine Coaching. This comprehensive certified course is packed full of scientific dog behaviour knowledge and conscientious canine awareness. From the theory behind canine behaviour to the latest positive reinforcement methods, the course has helped me build a solid foundation in canine communication and modern coaching methods.

I’m a full member of the Association of Italian Trainers and Behaviourists (AIECI).

Membership in these professional associations also ensures my training methods are always kept up to date – which is great news for you and your pup!

Specialised Training

I’m proud to be a qualified UK Sniffer Dogs Scent Detection Instructor at GOLD level and a Certified Trick Dog Instructor.

Scent work stimulates your dog mentally and caters to their natural instincts, while trick training helps improve your dog’s focus and promotes a strong human-animal bond.

Scent work and trick training are also fun and rewarding for both you and your canine companion!

Other Courses

Looking for More? Here’s a List of Some of the Key Courses I’ve Taken Part in During my Career as a Dog Trainer

  • Puppy Power with vet behaviourist Amber Batson
  • Canine Reactive Behaviour course with Canine Principles
  • Puppy Lab (a comprehensive course about all things puppies) with The School of Canine Science
  • Deaf Not Difficult with Caroline Lewis at Help At Hand
  • Understanding, Managing & Modifying Problem Behaviours course with Chirag Patel
  • Cavorting Canines: How Exercise Affects the Body and Brain of The Dog with vet behaviourist Amber Batson
  • Puppies: The importance of early intervention with Nicole Harris
  • Recall Online for dog trainers with Kay Attwood
  • Classical conditioning with Sara Davies
  • Operant conditioning with Sara Davies

Qualifications and Memberships

Qualified dog trainer and behaviour expert in Bristol

A Holistic Approach to Dog Training

So, now you know a little bit more about my commitment to personal development.
But how exactly does that benefit you and your dog? Put simply, my ongoing education helps me understand canine behaviour and assess a wide range of different situations. This means I can pass on that knowledge to YOU and help you build an understanding relationship with your dog.

My qualifications, professional memberships, and specialised training form the basis of my holistic approach to dog training. Understanding your dog’s physical, mental, emotional, and social needs is the first step in my role as a trainer. From there, I’ll use the latest positive reinforcement methods to help you set your dog up for success.

From solid foundational training to preventing specific behavioural problems, I’ll give you all the tools you need to train your dog the right way.

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