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Group Scent Detection Training for Pet Dogs

Learn the magic of scentwork and How to transform your dog into a scent detective!

Beagles sniffing.

During this 6-week long course, we will teach the dogs to identify a specific odour, locate it, and then communicate their find with their handlers.

Scentwork has multiple benefits for dogs making it a great activity for all dogs of all ages. It gives them a job to do, and it takes a significant amount of brainpower as well, providing them with the mental stimulation they need.

It’s also a good physical workout as it encourages them to move with awareness, and it helps lower the heart rate leading to calmer behaviour. By doing scentwork a dog will have their mental and physical needs met. 


Some of the elements included in the scentwork classes are:

  • Scent pairing
    Teaching your dog that a specific odour has relevance.
    We use a red kong for the bronze level, as its rubber has a safe and specific odour that it’s easy for dogs to identify.

  • Indication
    Teaching your dog to indicate and target the source of the odour.

  • Search
    Teaching your dog to search an area to locate the source of the odour.

The classes take place at St John’s Church Hall, on Lodge Causeway in St George/Fishponds, BS16 3QG – this is an indoor venue with access to an outdoor area and parking space.

I only take 4 dogs in a class to ensure all dogs feel happy and comfortable and have their own area to work in.

I am a UK Sniffer Dogs qualified Scent Detection Instructor at GOLD level. This means I have been assessed at high standards and that I have both the theoretical and practical knowledge and skills needed to teach scent detection to pet dogs and their families. 

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Client Tesimonials


"Very professional and friendly dog focussed training classes"

We did scent work which was very accessible for any pet dog, with Giulia making adjustments so everyone was successful and had lots of fun. Highly recommend for any dog training. Thanks

Rachel Keefe

"We completed a scent work workshop with Giulia and had the best day"

Her instructions were clear, the feedback she gave us really helped and most of all she was super patient with us! Can't wait to do more.

Megan Thomas

"This was a fantastic course"

We learned so much over the 6 weeks. Initially I thought our dog was never going to get the skills but Giulia was really patient and motivating.


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