Online Dog Training: to Advance or Begin Your Training Journey.

For all dogs aged six months and above.

Whether you have never undertaken any training with your dog before or you are experiencing challenges with your dog and need some assistance, you are in the right place!

Perhaps you’re not experiencing any issues but want to advance your training or embark on trick training, scentwork or progress beyond the basics.

My adolescent and adult dog training courses are designed uniquely for you, so I’ll meet you where you’re at. We begin with a consultation so you can share your personal situation, challenges and desires, so I can then tailor-make a training program for you and your dog that make your goals a reality.

Adolescent Dog Training Courses:

Your dog is an adolescent between the age of 6 months old and up to two years of age. This can be a very challenging time, as your dog is going through hormonal changes, growing pains and may also be keen to explore more independently.

If you feel like you just can’t do it anymore or that your dog is broken, take a deep breath. What you are going through is completely normal and a natural developmental phase.

With compassionate support and guidance on your specific situation, I can help you navigate the teenage stage feeling cool, calm and collected.

Belgian malinois heeling

All my Adolescent Dog Training Courses are bespoke to you, but training can include:

★ Teaching your dog to focus on you so you can retain attention around distractions
★ Establishing and maintaining boundaries through adolescence, so everyone has clear expectations
★ Perfecting recall, loose lead walking, “leave it”, and “drop” so you can enjoy freedom with your dog
★ Nurturing the evolving relationship, so you continue to develop and build your bond throughout the teen phase
★ Working through distractions and preparing for them too, so you feel confident in any situation
★ Perfecting manners at doorways so you can have friends and family over without chaos ensuing
★ Practising self-control and teaching your dog to be calm and relaxed so you can enjoy life with your companion without the mayhem

Price: From £250 for 4 weeks 1-2-1 training (4 x 60-minute sessions)

I will work with you to help you understand your dog and overcome the struggles that have you feeling stuck. Everything is broken down into small manageable steps so that you can enjoy life with your fabulous companion without feeling flustered or overloaded.

Adult Dog Training Courses:

I work with adult dogs of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds. Whether your adult dog is new in your home or has been with you since puppyhood, I will create a dog training program that matches your needs.

You may be looking for help settling your new rescue into life with you, assistance with challenging behaviours or to advance your training with your dog.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never undertaken any formal training before with your dog.

The beauty of my tailor-made dog training courses is that they are designed especially for you.

White Labrador learns tricks

We start with a consultation where you can share with me your personal journey and experiences with your dog. I will then design a training plan that considers your individual dog, your lifestyle, and your wants so we can get you living the life you dream of with your dog.

Here are a few of the areas we can focus on (depending on your dog’s specific needs):

★ Solidifying and perfecting basic training and commands so you have stable foundations to grow from
★ Developing your dog’s focus and concentration skills so you can enjoy relaxing walks and adventures together
★ Strengthening the bond with your dog so you can revel in a relationship that’s out of this world
★ Advanced (and fun!) training like scentwork and trick training to inject some joy into your training
★ Preparing for changes in your dog’s routine so you can move house, change jobs or welcome a new member of the family into your life in harmony

Price: From £250 for 4 weeks 1-2-1 training (4 x 60-minute sessions)

Whether you’re tackling something new or you need help with a problem behaviour before it escalates, my bespoke dog training course will provide guidance, support and coaching on your journey.

Please don’t put off getting help. Practice makes perfect, and the longer your dog continues with a problem behaviour, the more time consuming and slower it is to solve.

Rest assured that with tailored support specific to you and your dog, you will feel confident, empowered and capable of handling whatever life throws at you.

You chose to welcome a dog into your life so that you could enjoy all the wonders and delights of sharing your world with a loving companion.

I’d love to play a part in helping make your vision a dream come true.

I’m a judgement-free zone, here to offer compassionate, expert support so that you and your dog can adventure, explore and rejoice in one another’s company.

Qualifications and Memberships:

What my Clients Say:

Giulia helped me welcome my new puppy into our home. My older dog Ben is seven and has had cancer surgery, chemo and now a damaged heart.

It was a huge decision to take on a new puppy, and Giulia was with us every step of the way.

I have psychiatric disabilities, and Giulia tailored her program and teaching style to our needs and how I need to learn.

She couldn’t do enough for my boys and me. We started sessions before Charlie came home to ensure that my older dog and I were well prepared and that all Ben’s and Charlie’s needs would be met.

Our whole family has benefitted enormously from training with Giulia, and I would recommend her every time.

Giulia is professional, friendly, experienced, and so knowledgeable.

She works really hard to make sure that everyone’s needs are met and that you progress at the best pace for you all. She is a star!!!! Thank you, Giulia.

Gen, Ben and Charlie

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