Puppy Training: Your Complete Puppy Thrive Guide.

Learn How to Set Your Puppy Up On the Right Paw from the Very Beginning!

We all know that prevention is better than cure, and it’s never too early to get started with your puppy training. Therefore, I offer puppy preparation consultations to help set your pup up for success before they even step foot in your home.

And puppy training courses to help you navigate all the early stages of your puppy’s life feeling supported and assured.

You will be going through toilet training, teething, sleep routines, socialisation and oh, so much more.

Having 1-2-1 support means that you have one dedicated and experienced professional to coach you through every step…. And every surprise along the way.

Yes, puppies are notoriously surprising! Just when you think you have one puppy problem solved, another challenging curveball pops up!

Instead of scouring Google or Facebook groups and receiving an overwhelming amount of conflicting advice that just doesn’t seem to fit your puppy, you can rest at ease with 1-2-1 support.

You will have direct access to me to help guide you through each experience and development phase with certainty.

With just one trusted confidant to turn to, you can breathe a huge sigh of relief that you are far from alone (or overwhelmed) on your journey through puppyhood.

Chihuahua puppy sits and gets a treat

Puppy Preparation Support.

I love working with people before their puppy even comes home. There is something incredibly gratifying about helping a new dog parent to feel prepared and ready before those tiny paws even arrive.

If you’re yet to bring your puppy home, it’s never too early to start your training. Those first days and weeks are immensely easier for everyone when you’re equipped with all the foundations.

Typically, we work through the essential needs of your puppy, such as sleep and toilet training, plus the practicals like what you need (and what you don’t!) And then you have me there to support you with any questions that arise once your puppy is home with you.

Usually, we use the first session of your personalised puppy training course for this so that we can start you both off on the right paw!

Receive Tailored Puppy Training Support for You and Your Puppy.

Dogs are all individuals, and what works well for some may not work as well for others. That’s why my puppy training courses are completely bespoke and unique to you and your dog.

I will provide you with personalised guidance and support so that you can enjoy expert advice that’s relevant to your individual experiences and struggles.

Give your puppy the foundations to unlock their full potential from the very start with:

★ Weekly 1-2-1 training sessions – so that you can progress through your training and share your successes and hurdles regularly. (And I can coach you through them!)

★ Digital notes from each session – so that you don’t have to remember everything. Revisit your notes whenever you need to. I’ve got you covered!

★ A separation success ebook so you have peace of mind your puppy will be ok when left home alone.

★ Fun and funky obedience training that reveals how your puppy learns, so you understand your puppy and know how to adapt your training no matter what life throws at you.


★ Access to email support for the duration of the programme, with the opportunity to submit your videos for feedback.

★ Master the practical skills that will take your training on leaps and bounds so that you and your puppy can have a blast wherever you go!

★ Discover how to set clear boundaries and rules in a fun and effective way, so your puppy is safe and happy… and your sanity is intact!


What My Clients Say:

We were unsure at first about online puppy training, but as soon as we chatted to Giulia, she put our doubts to rest. She was super helpful at guiding us as new puppy parents from before we had our pup Thunzi!

She provided loads of support and always answered any questions or gave us a few extra tips even outside of our scheduled sessions.

Giulia really went above and beyond, and we would highly recommend her to anyone welcoming a new puppy into their home!

Robyn and Thunzi

From surviving needle-sharp teeth and successful socialisation to loose lead walking and recall, you’ll be equipped with everything you need for a lifetime of happiness with your dog.

This is your complete puppy training course that will have you sailing through early puppyhood right through to 6 months of age with confidence.

We will cover absolutely everything you need to lay incredible foundations with skill and proficiency, paving the way towards a content and happy dog…. And an equally content and happy YOU!

If you’ve had your puppy a little while now, don’t despair! All of my training courses are personalised, so get in touch, and we can discover where you’re at to create a plan that meets you there.

Your complete puppy training course requires a minimum of 8 weeks commitment so that you make meaningful progress.

We will cover all of the most common puppy problems and challenges, coupled with some incredible trust, play, and bonding activities to help you create an incredible relationship with your puppy.

Training can include:

  • ✓ First night and first days
  • ✓ Establishing a routine
    ✓ Understanding your puppy’s needs
  • ✓ Establishing expectations
  • ✓ Puppy socialisation
  • ✓ Sleep training
  • ✓ Loose lead walking
  • ✓ Spending time at home alone
  • ✓ New experiences
  • ✓ Practising manners at the doorway
  • ✓ Settling into the new home
  • ✓ Developing trust
    ✓ Creating good habits
    ✓ Nurturing your new relationship
  • ✓ Chewing & mouthing
  • ✓ Toilet training
  • ✓ Recall
  • ✓ Playing
  • ✓ Practising “leave it” and “drop”

Don’t wait for problems to arise or intensify before you seek help.

Practice makes perfect, and we don’t want your puppy practising the wrong things! It’s stressful, frustrating, and far more challenging to undo!

Please Note:

If your dog is six months or older, my adolescent or adult dog training courses are for you!

Discover 1-2-1 personalised dog training for your rescue, teen or adult dog.

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